Using technology to save lives in emergency situations.

 Cape Buffalo Figurine by Terra by Battat.

Cape Buffalo Figurine by Terra by Battat.


Mass Defense started with a thought that there has to be a way to prevent these senseless attacks that seem to occur more and more.  As the seeds of ideas were shared, the team began to form and our first viable project emerged.

We're currently in the lab working on our first product that will make it easier for people to share real-time data with first responders, with the goal to speed up communications during an emergency event that could save lives.

Stay tuned as we launch our first beta in Summer 2018.

Our Logo

Our logo is a Cape Buffalo, known for protecting their young as a community and teaming up to aggressively defend themselves against lions and other predators. They fight back as a community, and so do we.

Proud member of the TacticalLaunch Incubator Program


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As we're finishing up the initial project, we're always looking to connect and build our network of supporters who feel just as strongly about these problems as we do.

We would love to hear from school administrators, teachers, parents, first responders, and government leaders that are interested in learning more and possibly become part of our test group.


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